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A project the world is waiting for

Structuring your requirements list with powerpoint, spreadsheets or other text documents was always a struggle, this has a (happy) end, we it!

In the dashboard, you will find all your project ideas in one convenient place. Create a custom project from scratch or choose a template with a pre-defined list of features and roles. Customize them as you see fit!

Define different user roles

Which different user profiles will use your application? Which features should they each have access to?

The default user roles are USER, ADMIN, and SYSTEM. However, you can also add additional user roles which suit your business’s structure. Here are some examples of additional roles - AUTHOR, EDITOR, DEVELOPER, TEAM LEADER and CLIENT. Which roles do you need for your business?

Add game-changing features

We realized that the basic features in all software applications are similar, and hence the idea behind featureplanner.io was born.

We provide a library with over 2.500 features in different categories, helping you to quickly craft your requirements list. Just add the features to your list via drag & drop, customizing them as you see fit.

Add Description & Test Cases


What is the concept behind your feature? Write a short summary describing it! Explain how the feature responds to user interactions and what results it should deliver.

TEST CASE (recommended)

A step-by-step instruction for each feature, describing what a tester should do. This will provide additional information for your development team or for test-driven development cases.

add fields & attachements


Some features come with related fields. You can add these from the suggestions list or you can create your own. Simply define the type, add the required fields, and you are ready to go!


The attachments should help people to understand the feature which you are going to release. An attachment may be a mockup, a UI design, or a screenshot of a similar solution. You can easily add several attachments to each feature.

define platforms


Are you planning a multi-platform application?

Simply define which platforms the feature should be available on, such as Web Application, iOS or Android.

... you’re almost finished!

All you need to do now is organize your print preview
and send it to the agency or development team of your choice.

Print Preview

Now you can get a professionally structured document with a good overview of all your requirements.

For each platform version of the application, you can create a separate print with all the related features.

.... we have even more awesome and
invaluable features in the pipeline!